Working with private sector, government, and higher education institutions I’ve helped assess a range of issues in information management disciplines. These include developing, organizing, and managing digital content; analyzing large sets of data; and assessing user and strategic requirements.

Currently, as an academic librarian with Concordia University, I help people assess and obtain the right sources of information to support their research and projects. I also administer a variety of digital systems to deliver our library services. I did an in-depth study on archival digitization processes and practices and have a great interest in open access and information policy.

In a former career, I analyzed and performed competitive intelligence on enterprise software, government planning, and open innovation in biotech. I developed strategic web content strategy and led a team of 30 people as the Director of Knowledge Services for an enterprise software advisory firm.

I’ve taught courses on the publishing industry, government documentation, indexing and abstracting, and public relations for John Abbott College‘s Information and Library Technologies department.

The things I write here are my views and do not represent current or former employers.

Aside from this blog, I write at sites including phydeau.org (some of my creative pursuits and thoughts on the long term), and adomoc.com (a board game I invented). Chalifour.org is a catch-all stream.

I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada and graduated with a Masters in Library and Information Studies at McGill University (archives focus). Before that, I completed a degree in philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley.

You should connect with me at my Twitter @jcknow & @phy, and LinkedIn Profiles.

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